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Opening Reception Saturday 7th March 2-5pm
Exhibition runs to April 30th
Anna Howarth 'Heartland'        Philippa Cannan 'Prey'        Stephanie Cunningham Young Deer
We are delighted to bring together the work of Philippa Cannan, Stephanie Cunningham and Anna Howarth in Reverie, an exhibition, opening on 7th March, which explores ideas of mythology, collective memory and imagination.

Working in different mediums, their work is connected by a common desire to encapsulate the essence of a felt or imagined space; an energy and a narrative that can only be expressed through their work. The portrayal of creatures is a common thread running through their work, firing the imagination and evoking familiar memories.

Anna Howarth's intricate papercuts bring to life a world of fairy tales and childhood memories. Creating a complex narrative through silhouettes of childlike figures and animals, she weaves her images across the picture plane, reliant on blocks of colour to draw you into her world. She describes her work as expressing the “simple reverie of childhood wondrousness”.

Philippa Cannan creates fantastical worlds on her canvas; worlds half-seen as if in a dream where images are revealed as glimpses into a place just out of reach, but still and enchanting. With a muted palette and silhoutted figures she conjures up a feeling of the elemental power and grace of animals. Philippa trained at the University of Brighton, tutored by Andrzej Jackowski. Graduating in 2010 she has had two successful solo shows.

Stephanie Cunningham sculpts animals out of clay, using beautifully stylised forms to portray the essence of the animal and their familiarity to us. Working on a small scale, her simplified lines and shapes capture their movement: a quirky turn of the head or a frozen stance alert to danger. They create their own world, a gentle, quiet world in our imagination. Stephanie has a background in theatrical design and is self-taught in ceramics sculpture. She has exhibited widely across the UK.

Alongside these artists we are looking forward to showing a collection of work by several invited artists who have exhibited with the gallery since its' opening in 2012.

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Oxfordshire Artweeks
2nd - 31st May 2015
Sandra Cockburn stoneware vase    Jenny Eadon 'El Cotillo III'    Kate Hipkiss' The Great Court, British Museum'
Featuring ceramics by Sandra Cockburn, paintings by Jenny Eadon and papercuts by Kate Hipkiss
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