Future Exhibitions


 Summer Show
 4th July - 30th August 2015

This summer we will be hosting a group exhibition featuring the work of 4 selected artists whose work explores the figure and its environment.

Three distinctive painters and one sculptor are brought together by the simplicity in their work; a paring down to achieve the essence of what they're seeing. The enjoyment they all feel in their use of materials is a pleasure to see, each delighting in colour and texture and the narrative revealed through their image.

We are delighted to be exhibiting paintings by Richard Twose, Liz Ridgway and Iryna Yermolova for the first time, alongside a new collection of sculptures by Sue Lansbury.


Sue Lansbury 'Pilgrim'


Iryna Yermolova 'Woman Wrapped in Red Plaid'    Richard Twose '3 Books'    Liz Ridgway   



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