Composite Doors

Composite doors make a high end entrance door, ideal as a front or back door for any property.

Composite Doors Prices | Designs and options

We incorporate the latest technology in our products, for some of the most secure, energy efficient and robust doors on the market today. With the high performance of uPVC and the good looks of timber front door, composite doors offer the best of all worlds.

Composite doors are low maintenance and will never need sanding, varnishing or painting. Customise your front door with decorative glazed panels and a range of handles.

Composite door features

  • A range of styles to choose from, including stable doors
  • Customisable range of hardware
  • 17 colours available, inside and out
  • A range of glazing options available

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  • What is a composite door?
    A composite door combines the best materials in its construction – such as a solid timber core and a fibreglass finish – for a door that is at the height of performance; incredibly strong, durable and thermally efficient.
  • Hybrid design: best of timber and uPVC
    Combining the best properties of both materials, a composite door combines the strength and security of a timber front door, with the easy maintenance and sleek looks of an uPVC front door. Choose from a range of 17 different colours and many different traditional and contemporary styles.

Composite door colours

Composite Doors Prices, Designs and optionsAll of our doors come in a range of colours and finishes, to enable you to customise your door to seamlessly match your property. For full colour range please talk one of the team.

Features and benefits of our composite doors

Incredibly strong and secure: All of the composite doors supplied by installers can achieve ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation if required. This means that they have undergone a series of rigorous security tests in order to ensure that they are of the highest quality. As a result, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your door, and your property is secured to the highest possible standard.

High performing thermal efficiency: Composite doors provide the highest possible thermal efficiency when it comes to front doors for your home. Combining the best thermal insulation properties of timber and uPVC, their high performing thermal efficiency can help to save energy, and potentially reduce the cost of your heating bills.

Bespoke front or back door: As well as frame colour and glazing options, you can tailor your new doors to your home with decorative glazing and astragal bars, a range of door hardware and opening options.

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Composite Doors Prices, Designs and options